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As a female close protection officer (CPO), with a varied client base, I think it is important to understand some of the key aspects of the close protection industry.

If you’ve ever used close protection, you know it isn’t about employing high profile men in black suits and dark glasses. It’s about working with a professional, who will make completing your business or social life easier – not more difficult.

I am trained in all aspects of Close Protection and as a female Close Protection Officer can provide the sort of protection that adds rather than detracts from your life.


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Security is everything. In today’s world, it is very important to know that you, your staff, your family and your assets are safe and free from risk.

We are a successful and established company and offer a complete range of security services to help you protect what is important to you.

Close Protection

Close protection supply bodyguards to look after specific individuals is not simply the domain of the celebrity.

In today’s world, senior business executives, government ministers and wealthy individuals are viewed as targets. Whether it would be from terrorist groups, activists or criminal activity